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Choosing the right materials for the application is imperative. Selecting materials that will not only look great, but will save time and money is even better!

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Great designs start with great ideas. The challenge is getting the most from the materials and processes to transform those ideas into products that last

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“Faux” + “Material Type” = “Endless Possibilities”

It may appear to be "fuzzy math", but the fact is many barriers and hurdles are eliminated when you use faux materials for interior surfaces. Designers and fabricators can choose realistic images of exotic wood species without going over budget. Or perhaps combine unrelated materials like metals, stones and solid colors into a single unique sheet product. Challenges like contoured edges and color or pattern consistency are virtually eliminated when working with most faux materials. Using faux wood grain products even eliminates the need for additional applied finishes which saves considerable time and expense.

While faux materials are not perfect for every application, great advances have been made in the past decade to give designers and fabricators unlimited options in patterns, colors and even textures. From an environmental point of view, the use of faux materials ensures that trees aren't harvested, quarries aren't dug and minerals aren't mined by using high quality digital images for surface products instead of natural materials.