Faux Material Applications

Specifying and using faux materials has become standard practice among architects, designers and fabricators looking to develop more cost effective manufacturing methods for their interior design projects. Products like prefinished veneer, faux stone and faux wood grain laminates are common in nearly every new commercial or residential project. Whether incorporated into panel products like melamine or TFL for cabinet construction or on exterior surfaces like casework, architectural wall and ceiling panels or even moulding. All of these applications benefit from the use of faux materials.

However, blending products made from different materials and sources can be a challenge. Differences in the print, surface sheen, texture and color can vary greatly from manufacturers and certainly from the type of raw materials used. Matching wood veneer to hardwood plywood or PVC edge banding to a faux wood panel is far from fool proof. The differences between products are often times very noticeable and lower the overall appearance of the project.  

Envirawood utilizes cutting edge technology to manufacture its prefinished veneer sheets and to address the inconsistencies of other faux materials. The primary value of this unique sheet product is that it can be utilized for nearly every interior surface application. It can be pre-laminated on flat panel cores like MDF, particle board or plywood as well as specialty materials like lightweight honeycomb. It can be used to create perfectly matched edge banding or mouldings that blend seamlessly with panel products. Its flexibility also allows it to be thermoformed to cover more complex components like profiled doors or store fixture components.

Using a single material on all of these surface applications eliminates variables common to other faux products and creates an overall appearance that is virtually flawless! More importantly, all of Envirawood's prefinished veneer sheets are manufactured with a proprietary surface coating that delivers a list of additional enhancements that go far beyond a uniform appearance.  

Variables in temperature and humidity, for example, have always plagued natural wood products and other laminates.  Since Envirawood is a vinyl product, humidity has no effect on it allowing it to remain completely submerged in water for an indefinite period of time! Combined with a water proof core and adhesive, this allows designers to utilize these sheet products in environments unsuited for most other laminates.

Likewise, direct UV exposure can deteriorate an applied finish and most faux products causing discoloration in a relatively short period of time. The significant UV protection provided by the proprietary coating on Envirawood helps protect and maintain the overall appearance for years. This is particularly valuable in commercial buildings where large exterior windows and glass ceilings regularly expose surface products to direct sunlight.  In these applications, Envirawood provides a longer life cycle with lower maintenance costs so the end user continues to save long after the initial installation is complete. Envirawood also offers a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing for pre and post-assembly lamination as well as onsite installation and DIY projects. Gloss sheets are shipped with a protective peel coat and it can be special ordered on the satin sheets.