Physical Properties

1. The UV protection is excellent. The time period the UV protection will withstand varies based on the strength of the sun in that geographical location, the direction of the sun and the amount of daily exposure.

2. Water absorption means the product was submerged in water for 24 hours and only absorbed 0.14% of water which is virtually no water absorption.

3. The heat deflection temperature means the product will not start to sustain any damage until the temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The specific gravity is the weight of the product. The 1.16 grams means that the standard 21 mil construction sheets (51” x 108”) weighs 5 pounds per sheet

5. The burning resistance test result 94HB passes the requirements for UL 94HB testing which means there were no visible signs of combustion after the flame is removed.

6. The ASTM E84 “tunnel test” is used to determine the surface burning characteristics of building materials when a Class 1/A Fire Rating are required for the materials to be used.

7. The Specular Gloss Level was measured at a 60 degree angle with a sheen meter to determine the gloss unit level of our high gloss finish. The 88 Gloss Unit Level reading on the Envirawood high gloss finish is exceptionally close to the maximum achievable high gloss finish.

8. The abrading wheel chosen is the most aggressive wheel the test lab has for abrading this type of material. Using this C-17 wheel and 500 gram weight at 500 cycles the product demonstrated a wear index of 2.5. The lower number the better on a scale of 0 to 200.

9. The diamond scratch resistance rating 1 means that no visible scratch marks were found at 1 Newton weight with a gloss loss only.

10. The ball impact resistance test was done with a ½ pound, 1-1/2 inch diameter steel ball from 15 feet with no visible damage or fractures.

11. The dart impact resistance test was done with a one (1) ounce standard dart with no fractures from five (5) to twenty-nine (29) inches.