Raw Material & Product Description

Envirawood prefinished veneers are manufactured from multiple layers of high quality vinyl sheets that are free of plasticizers. The top sheet is coated with a proprietary formula that delivers significant durability and chemical resistance and is UV protected, Antimicrobial, Antifungal and Class 1A Fire Rated. These layers are thermally fused together in a highly controlled process to create a single sheet product which can be used for a variety of applications in interior construction projects. The sheets are available in dozens of faux wood grain, faux stone, custom patterns, any solid color or solid metallic color and unlimited graphic designs in various thickness depending on the application. 

Environmental Awareness ("Faux"="Earth Friendly")

As inhabitants of our planet, we should all be concerned with the ongoing depletion and aggressive harvesting of our forests both domestically and globally. Incorporating environmentally friendly products into interior designs and construction projects helps to minimize the impact on our planet’s forests and other natural resources. Faux wood veneer products like Envirawood capture the essence of nature without harvesting additional trees and the consistency of color and grain have significant advantages. Likewise, the use of faux stone sheet products means that one less slab of granite or marble is quarried leaving our natural resources for future generations. 

Green Product Testing

Envirawood's prefinished veneer sheets were submitted to Air Quality Sciences which is the testing laboratory used by the Greenguard Institute to test product emissions release and certification. The ASTM D5116 Environmental Chamber Test determined that Envirawood easily qualifies for Greenguard Institute Certification and can be used on LEED Construction Projects.