Faux Veneers

Standard Wood Grains

The Standard Wood Grain series is a collection of high quality faux wood prints that are converted into durable laminate sheets and available in Envirawood's scratch-resistant, high gloss or satin finish. Included are dozens of domestic and exotic wood grain species to provide designers and fabricators a wide range of wood grain patterns and natural wood tones. Custom tinting is also available as a special order item.      


Custom Inventory

The Custom Inventory selection is a group of unique prints that may have been created for a specific project or perhaps discontinued from one of the other collections. These prints will no longer be included in a regular series, however, all of these faux wood, faux stone and abstract patterns can be reproduced as a special order item including custom color matching in either a world-class high gloss or satin finish.

Custom Wood Grains (Special Order)

The Custom Wood Grain series shows a much broader variety of wood grain patterns and enhanced wood tones. These visually realistic wood grain patterns were carefully selected to offer interior designers an extensive collection sure to please the most discriminating client. Custom color matching is available as a special order request and the high quality finishes provide years of care free maintenance.

Custom Patterns (Special Order)

The Custom Pattern selections encompass a variety of pattern types and colors. These patterns were carefully selected from popular faux stone and abstract prints to give architects and interior designers a more extensive selection to achieve their desired interior design schemes. As with all Envirawood veneer sheets, modifying the overall color of the print for your specific project is available as a special order.

Solid Colors (Special Order)

The selections shown here are a collection of typical solid colors. The beauty of Envirawood is that designers can specify virtually any Pantone Color for brand recognition or simply create that perfect color for their project. Combined with a logo or graphic artwork, it creates a thermally-fused veneer sheet not available anywhere else. Choose the scratch-resistant, high gloss finish and make a really bold statement!

Solid Metallic Colors (Special Order)

The Solid Metallic Color series includes many of the most popular colors and are equivalent to the finest automotive finishes available today! Similar to the Solid Color line of products, designers can choose from virtually any Pantone Color to create a solid color metallic veneer in either a high gloss or satin finish. Enjoy the impact and significant cost savings by specifying these finishes in a flexible veneer sheet!

Custom Graphic Prints (Special Order)

The high quality PVC material and unique laminating process gives designers an unmatched solution to integrate logos, inlays or abstract designs into pop art or interior design features in retail, hospitality, restaurants, corporate offices, etc. Graphic Prints can be used individually, in various sizes and groups or layered on top of any wood print, custom pattern, solid color or solid metallic color to achieve Infinite Surface Solutions!